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The Phoenix Mecano Group is a global player in the enclosures and industrial components segments and is a leader in many markets.

Headquartered in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland, the Group employs around 6,700 people worldwide and generated sales of approximately EUR 783 million in 2023. Phoenix Mecano was founded in 1975 and has been listed on the Swiss stock exchange since 1988. It is geared towards the professional and cost-effective manufacture of niche products and system solutions for customers in the mechanical engineering, measurement and control technology, medical technology, aerospace technology, alternative energy, and home and hospital care sectors. Sustainability is firmly embedded in Phoenix Mecano's corporate culture. Measures to improve environmental protection are implemented and refined wherever possible. The certification of quality and environmental management systems according to recognised standards guarantees a consistent assessment of the Group's environmental protection measures.

The Group is divided into three divisions: DewertOkin Technology Group (DOT Group), Industrial Components and Enclosure Systems. The DOT Group manufactures drive, system and fittings technology for electrically adjustable comfort and healthcare furniture. The Industrial Components division focuses on industrial digitalisation and modular automation solutions, while the Enclosure Systems division produces protective enclosures for electronics and electrics as well as associated input units such as membrane keypads and touchscreens.

The Group is present on all six economically relevant continents. It has major production sites and development centres in Germany, Hungary, Tunisia, India and China, complemented by a global sales network. Its proximity to customers fosters strong customer loyalty and enables it to offer the same range of consistently high-quality products and services worldwide. This is all the more important as Phoenix Mecano is increasingly evolving from a pure component manufacturer into a provider of system solutions requiring extensive consultation and support.

In Switzerland, Phoenix Mecano is present at two locations. Stein am Rhein is home to the headquarters of the Group's holding company as well as to Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG, which distributes all the products of Phoenix Mecano's subsidiaries in Switzerland. Phoenix Mecano Management AG is based in Kloten, from where it runs the whole Group's operations. The business structure has always been very lean, with operational responsibility lying with the heads of divisions and the managing directors of the individual subsidiaries.

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