Share buyback programme

Phoenix Mecano launched a share buyback programme worth up to…

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Half-year Report 2023

Phoenix Mecano: solid business performance and higher margins

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Worlds of value

Find out how Phoenix Mecano Group products are used.

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Global Competence,
Local Value

The Phoenix Mecano Group is a global player in the enclosures and industrial components segments and is a leader in many markets. It is geared towards the development and manufacture of niche products and system solutions.


DewertOkin Technology Group

The DewertOkin Technology Group manufactures drive, system and fittings technology for electrically adjustable comfort and healthcare furniture.

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Industrial Components

The Industrial Components division focuses on industrial digitalisation and modular automation.

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Enclosure Systems

The Enclosure Systems division develops and produces high-quality industrial and electronic enclosures and complete human-machine interface solutions.

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Ad Hoc

A more focused and profitable Phoenix Mecano

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Ad Hoc

Phoenix Mecano adjusts guidance

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Annual report

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“Phoenix Mecano is a stable, profitable and well-financed company.”

Dr Rochus Kobler


Global presence

Phoenix Mecano operates a global network. The Group is present at over 60 locations worldwide, on all six economically relevant continents.

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“We act responsibly towards our employees, the environment and society.”

Benedikt A. Goldkamp
Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors

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