Capital Structure

Capital/shares and participation certificates

Phoenix Mecano AG’s share capital is fully paid up and consists of 960 500 registered shares (securities No. 126.133.810 / ISIN CH1261338102 / Ticker PMN) with a par value of CHF 1.00. All shares, apart from those owned by the company, fully entitle the bearer to vote and receive a dividend. There are no bearer shares and no participation or dividend-right certificates.

Contingent and authorised capital

At present the Group has no contingent or authorised capital.

Changes in capital

There have been no changes in capital since 2015.

Limitations on transferability and nominee registration

The company shall keep a share register in which the names/company names, addresses and email addresses of the owners and usufructuaries of the company's shares are recorded. In relation to the company, the shareholder or usufructuary of shares is the person entered in the share register. If a person entered in the share register changes any of these details, they must notify the company of this. As long as this has not happened, all communications from the company to the address or email address previously entered in the share register shall be deemed to have been sent legally to the person entered in the share register.

Upon request, acquirers of registered shares shall be entered in the share register as shareholders or usufructuaries with voting rights if they expressly declare that they have acquired these registered shares in their own name and for their own account. If the acquirer is not willing to make such a declaration, the company may refuse registration with voting rights. Acquirers may also be rejected if they do not expressly declare that: 1. there is no agreement to take back or return the shares concerned; and 2. they bear the economic risk associated with the shares.

The application for an entry in the share register may be submitted electronically. The Board of Directors is responsible for maintaining the share register. The Board of Directors has delegated this task to ShareCommService AG.

Convertible bonds and options

There are no convertible bonds and no options.

Shareholder structure

in %

Investor Informations

For any further information please contact:

Investor Relations
Rochus Kobler, CEO

Phone +41-(0)43-255 4 255

Corporate Communications/Investor Relations
Philipp Eberhard
Phone +41-(0)43-255 4 255

Phoenix Mecano Management AG
Lindenstrasse 23
8302 Kloten

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