Phoenix Mecano invests in future-oriented growth markets and applications driven by long-term megatrends.

Examples include innovative drive solutions for the furniture industry, ergonomic workplace design, integrated system solutions for increasingly sophisticated industrial automation, and electrotechnical components for the reliable grid integration of renewable energy sources. Phoenix Mecano's industry-specific technologies and customised system solutions are used at cutting-edge industrial human-machine interfaces, in smart home solutions, Internet of Things networks, and the digitalisation of patient services and processes in hospitals. The Group's strategy aims to leverage these opportunities and generate sustainable, profitable growth, both now and in the future. 

As well as focusing on megatrends, Phoenix Mecano is steadily evolving from a component manufacturer into a provider of system solutions. The Group also consolidates its leading position in core businesses through strategic acquisitions, internal competency development and targeted capacity building. This allows Phoenix Mecano to offer comprehensive advice, provide an all-in-one service with maximum flexibility, and so generate sustainable value added for its customers.

Mission Statement

Market Leadership

Phoenix Mecano has carved out a world-leading position with its pioneering products. It aims to maintain and further expand this lead.

Setting the Standard

Phoenix Mecano operates at the interface between people and technology. It makes its mark with distinctive solutions that set new trends in the market.


Phoenix Mecano has a decentralised structure that facilitates quick decision-making. It responds to market requirements, changes and opportunities ahead of the competition.


Phoenix Mecano is committed to steady growth while maintaining a solid financial foundation.

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Vision and Values

As a global player in the components sector and as a system supplier, Phoenix Mecano develops innovative and detailed technical solutions with and for its customers.

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Locations worldwide


Phoenix Mecano operates a global network. The Group is present at over 60 locations worldwide, on all six economically relevant continents.

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