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Phoenix Mecano to streamline Group management

05. June 2013



Media release


Phoenix Mecano to streamline Group management


Kloten/Stein am Rhein, 5 June 2013. Phoenix Mecano Group, a leading technology company active in the production of enclosures and industrial components, is to streamline its management structure from 1 July 2013 to enable it to respond to dynamic changes in global markets even faster and more efficiently. The Executive Committee, the Group’s senior management body, will be reduced in size from six members to three, namely Benedikt Goldkamp (Chief Executive Officer), Dr Rochus Kobler (Chief Operating Officer) and René Schäffeler (Chief Financial Officer).


“Since the company’s inception we have always striven to promote rapid decision-making through flat hierarchies and unbureaucratic structures. Our customers are mainly SMEs with similarly simple decision-making structures. This fact is reflected in our new management structure,” said Benedikt Goldkamp, CEO and Delegate of the Board of Directors of Phoenix Mecano AG.


Alongside the Executive Committee, a new body called the Extended Group Leadership Committee will be set up, in which the operational managers of the Group’s divisions, main business units and regions will be represented. It will meet several times a year to exchange information and coordinate the business strategies of individual divisions, business units and regions, in order to leverage potential synergies within the Group more efficiently.