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Half-year report 2022  
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General Meeting  
… Mecano AG Last amended on May 20, 2016. Articles of Incorporation (122.1 KiB) General Meeting 2022 The ordinary Shareholders‘ General Meeting of Phoenix Mecano AG took place on Friday 20 May 2022 at the…  
Sale of Phoenix Mecano Digital Elektronik and Phoenix Mecano Digital Tunisie successfully completed  
… Mecano Digital Tunisie S.à.r.l. to the Switzerland-based Cicor Group, as announced on 15 November 2022, has been completed.Kloten/Stein am Rhein, 23 January 2023. The entities acquired  
…This might interest you Capital Markets Day 2022 Die Phoenix Mecano-Gruppe im Überblick – Dr. Rochus Kobler (1.8 MB) Lokale Wertschöpfung für Kunden in der Schweiz – Michael Jahn (2.4 MB) Trends in der…  
Phoenix Mecano streamlines its Industrial Components business  
… Digital Tunisie S.à.r.l. to the Switzerland-based Cicor Group.Kloten/Stein am Rhein, 15 November 2022.  
Phoenix Mecano opens investigation into potential irregularities at a subsidiary  
… a reduction in earnings in the upper single-digit millions of euros.Kloten/Stein am Rhein, 4 July 2022. Phoenix Mecano has opened  
… Report – 2007 April 24, 2007 – Annual Report – 2006 April 25, 2006 – Annual Report – 2005 August 11, 2022 – Semi Annual Report – 2022 August 10, 2021 – Semi Annual Report – 2021 August 11, 2020 – Semi…  
Phoenix Mecano achieves record result in a challenging market environment  
… Mecano once again significantly increased its profitability at Group level in financial year 2022. Dynamic growth in industrial activities almost completely offset the decline in sales in the DewertOkin…  
Phoenix Mecano on track despite headwinds  
… LRThe Phoenix Mecano Group maintained a high level of sales and incoming orders in the first half of 2022 and further improved its result before special items. Kloten/Stein am Rhein, 11 August 2022. Despite a…  
Phoenix Mecano posts another disproportionate increase in profitability  
… The organic growth and disproportionate increase in earnings continued in the first quarter of 2022.Kloten/Stein am Rhein, 21 April 2022. The Phoenix Mecano Group's  
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