Sustaina­bility report

Phoenix Mecano publishes a sustainability report based on the Global Reporting Initiative.

Alongside the success of its business activities, Phoenix Mecano has always attached great importance to looking after its employees, caring for the environment and making a positive contribution to society. These principles are all part of its commitment to operating sustainably, in economic, environmental and social terms.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for investors, customers, employees and lawmakers. In order to meet these growing demands for transparency and to make its own commitment more visible, Phoenix Mecano published a sustainability report for the first time in 2022. Data collected in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards forms the basis for the targeted management of activities in this area.

For the sustainability report, the areas to be evaluated were defined, weighted and divided into three levels based on the GRI criteria. The topics covered are split between the economic, social and environmental levels.

Sustainability levels

Economic level

Phoenix Mecano pursues a long-term growth strategy based on growth drivers aligned with megatrends. It sees sustainable growth and profitability as essential for strengthening competitiveness, generating value and creating new jobs. Its decentralised corporate structure helps it stay close to customers, fosters continuous improvements in operational excellence, and enables it to maintain a lean cost base.

Creation of value added

in 1 000 EURNote20232022
Net sales  775 491784 442
Own work capitalised and other income  26 91812 968
Cost of materials  – 382 172− 392 125
Other operating expensesA – 104 022− 94 748
Depreciation / amortisation  – 23 240− 24 328
Other non-operating resultB5313 983
Value added 293 506290192

Distribution of value added

in %Note20232022
Government (taxes)D6.26.3
Lenders (net interest expense) 0.60.8
Companies (retained earnings)F9.48.6
Value added 100.0100.0

A Excluding capital taxes and other non-profit-related taxes
B Financial result excluding net interest expense plus share of result from associated companies
C Personnel expenses
D Current income tax, capital taxes and other non-profit-related taxes
E Dividends paid in the financial year and share repurchases under the share buy-back programme
F Result of the period less dividends already paid in the financial year and share repurchases under the share buy-back programme

Social level

At the social level, Phoenix Mecano’s commitment to sustainability can be seen in its behaviour towards its stakeholders. The company offers its employees a fair, safe work environment and a culture that recognises and harnesses individual potential. Likewise, when choosing its suppliers, Phoenix Mecano ensures that they treat their workers in a fair and lawful way.

Diversity of employees in 2023

Number of employees

Diversity at management levels in 2023

Number of employees

Environmental level

To protect the environment and mitigate climate change, Phoenix Mecano strives to reduce its energy consumption and increase the proportion of renewable energy it uses for electricity, heating and mobility. In production activities, natural resources are used carefully to minimise the impact on the environment.

Development of water consumption


Materials used by category in 2023


Sustainability report 2023

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Phoenix Mecano
Sustainability report 2023

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